Bangkok Best Thai Cuisine

We’re Changing the Downtown San Francisco Food Scene. Welcome to Bangkok Best, where, just as our namesake suggests, we’re serving San Francisco’s best Thai cuisine amidst a myriad of dining choices. Strategically located at a crossroads of culture and historical significance in this majestic city – on the edge of FiDi, downtown, Union Square and just blocks from Chinatown – Bangkok Best beckons those with a discriminating taste for unique Thai creations.

Dynamically fusing multiple Southeast Asian cooking traditions, Thai cuisine is, of course, well-known for its creative use of spices, resulting in four fundamental taste senses that can be admired in each dish: Sour, sweet, salty and bitter. Interestingly, respected Thai cuisine experts often speak of the food’s lack of “simplicity” and its tendency to dabble in the “complex” with regard to its flavors…as if disparate elements are being “juggled” to create the end result of delightful culinary treats.

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Utilizing these fundamentals as a proficient jumping off point, the chefs of Bangkok Best consistently deliver to our discriminating customers a menu that delivers overtly fresh, unique flavors of the region – from awe-inspiring appetizers like Satay, Fried Prawns, Goong Gra Borg, Tod Mon and Por Pia Sod (Fresh Spring Roll) to a full selection of soups such as Tom Yum, Gang Jued, Tom Kha and Tom Yum Talay.

The ingredients we use in our delicious entrée creations are nothing short of an epicurean freshness fantasy, with delights such as Pad Gra Tiem made with the most premium of marinated beef, chicken or pork and finished off with succulent infusions of garlic and pepper, or a favorite amongst our return customers, Gang Dang made with a choice of sliced chicken, beef, pork or tofu in red curry with coconut milk bamboo shoot, bell pepper and basil.

Bangkok Best: San Francisco’s Authentic Side of Thai